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About us

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Shane Pannell is the founder and President of SweepEasy®, LLC. He came up with the idea for SweepEasy® out of necesssity... With 3 kids, two dogs and a mother in law always making messes on his floors he found he needed a better way to clean them. His solution was to make a broom with a built-in scraper and after several months, he made his first working prototype. 


Fast forward several years and Shane is happy to say this final version of  Sweepeasy® is exactly how he envisioned it. He is extremely proud of the quality, durability, and ease of use of SweepEasy®. Additionally, Shane is excited to help industry professionals and homeowners alike clean better, faster and safer.


Professionally, Shane has nearly 3 decades of Entreprenurial, sales and marketing experience. He owes his success primarily to his outside the box sales strategies, ability to form strong bonds/connections with all people and his large teeth (smile)!

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