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SweepEasy® scrape and go broom is the world’s first 2 in 1 broom featuring a built-in deployable/retractable scraper. As seen on T.V. ( Shark Tank), SweepEasy® is a must have for all homes and businesses. Deploy the scraper to quickly and safely remove dried on food, stickers, tape, gum, wax, and mystery gunk, then retract the scraper to sweep the mess away…it’s that easy.  Prevent injuries, save time, and clean better-SweepEasy®!


Orange SweepEasy scrape and go broom

  • Enjoy an enhanced sweeping experience with the extra long 58 inch (4’ 10”) handle, large 12 inch sweeping path and superior quality Italian bristles. Bristle length is 5” with two inch flares on each side help reach those hard to get corners/areas.

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