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What is SweepEasy®?

The Only broom you'll ever need to own!


 SweepEasy® scrape and go broom is the world’s first broom featuring a built-in deployable/retractable scraper. As seen on T.V. (Shark Tank), SweepEasy® received rave reviews from home/pet owners, janitors, industry professionals, day cares, schools, restaurants, movie theaters and more! Deploy the scraper to quickly and safely remove dried on food, slime, stickers, tape, gum, wax, and mystery gunk, then retract the scraper to sweep the mess away…it’s that easy.  Prevent injuries, save time, and clean better-SweepEasy®!


      Features: With its built in deployable/retractable scraper, the 2 in 1 SweepEasy® beats the pants off ordinary brooms that only sweep!  The durable, plastic scraper is safe for all hard flooring surfaces, allowing you to confidently remove any mess you happen to come upon. Gum, glue, wax or mystery gunk stuck to the floor…not anymore! Just scrape, sweep and go! Band aids, tape or stickers…cleanup couldn’t be quicker! Just scrape, sweep, and go! Stuck on oatmeal, yogurt or Mac and cheese…eliminate it with ease! Just scrape, sweep and go…it’s that easy! And Sweepeasy is so simple to use, thanks to patent pending Easy Glide Deployment/Retraction technology.  Get one today for your garage, home and best friend(s)!


     Benefits: A must have for industry professionals and homeowner’s looking to save time, money and their backs, SweepEasy® is the new standard in brooms. The Ergonomic design allows you to sweep AND scrape from a standing position, so never again risk possible injury getting down on your hands and knees with a butter knife, putty knife or fingernail. SweepEasy® is earth friendly as well by eliminating electricity use, water use, need for harmful chemicals/soaking agents, and paper towel waste. Also, when it’s time to replace your SweepEasy®, don’t toss SweepEasy® into the landfill – simply rejuvenate your SweepEasy® with a new broom head and scraper for a fraction of the cost and recycle the used head.  Everyone wins!

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